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— Second Edition 2015

“A project is the best – perhaps only – method of achieving innovation.”

“I believe this book to be much needed, about the correct level for an executive to use/grasp, and timely.” Marc Zocher, Consultant, as Project Manager received the 2011 PMI Distinguished Project Award for the G2 Information System Project for the U. S. Dept. of Energy’s NNSA Global Threat Reduction Initiative. You can read the first chapter and review all references here.

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Managing High-Technology Programs and Projects

— Third Edition 2003

“It is by far the most comprehensive, practical and easy to understand reference book on project management principles that I have seen to date.” Jeb Riordan, Editor, PROJECT magazine.

Also published in Russian, Italian, and Chinese.

“Managing High-Technology Programs and Projects is unique among project management literature. It is not an academic treatise, a folksy, first-person narrative or a consolidated collection of related, previously published articles.

It is a unified presentation of forward-thinking principles and practices that bridge senior executives, project managers and project teams and define an integrated path to improved project management performance and success.” Kenneth H. Rose, PMI Book Review Editor, PMI PMNetwork July 2003 p 67.

As before, author Russell Archibald has produced a valuable work of reference, elaborating on and clarifying many aspects of his earlier writings.

As the cover jacket says ‘A complete, practical, and proven approach to managing large-scale projects with emphasis on those involving advanced technology.’ R. Max Wideman, PMI Fellow and past PMI Chairman.

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Network-Based Management Systems (PERT/CPM) 1967
Russell D. Archibald and Richard L. Villoria

This 1967 book was one of the first books to appear in the project management field, and was included in the core library at the Harvard Business School for a number of years. It includes several case studies of the application of network planning and scheduling systems on aerospace and commercial projects. Also publisehed in Hungarian.

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