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Project Management Institute:

Annual Seminar/Symposia/World Congresses:

1991: “Achieving Quality Teamwork Through Project Performance Reviews” (with Daniel P. Ono)

1988: “Project Start-Up Workshops: Gateway To Project Success” (with Dan P. Ono)

1974: “MultiProject Operations Planning and Control:The Function and Supporting System” (with J.P.Van Cleave)

1972: “Wanted:A Better Understanding of Project Management”

1969: “Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling the Efforts of Knowledge Workers”. 
(First paper presented at the formation meeting of PMI.)

“Planificar, Calendarizar y Controlar los Esfuerzos
de los Trabajadores del Conocimiento”
(Translado por  Luis Matos de LiderDeProyecto.com )


PMI Chapter Meetings:

“Life Cycle Models for High-Technology Projects – Applying Systems Thinking to Project Management,” PMI Central Iowa Chapter Professional Development Day, Des Moines, Iowa, October 17, 2003.

“What CEOs Must Demand to Compete and Collaborate in 2005,” PMI Orange County Chapter, Costa Mesa, CA, November 13, 2001.

“What CEOs Must Demand to Achieve Effective Project Management,” PMI Mexico City First Ibero-Americano Project Management Forum, June, 2000.

“Project Interface Management,” One-day Workshop, PMI Mexico City First Ibero-Americano Project Management Forum, June, 2000.

“Project Team Planning and Project Start-Up”, (with Daniel P. Ono), PMI Mexico City Chapter Second National Forum November 23-25, 1998.

“A Strategy for Overcoming Barriers to Effective Project Management,” PMI Mexico City Chapter First National Forum, November 13-14, 1997.

“Project Interface Management,” PMI New Jersey Chapter One-Day Seminar, April 26, 1993.

“Multi-Project Management,” PMI Orange County Chapter, Costa Mesa, CA, September 14, 1993.

“Project Interface Management,” PMI Orange County Chapter, Costa Mesa, CA, August 11, 1992.

“High Velocity Project Management: Creating Effective Start-Ups and Making Smooth Transitions,” PMI Northern California Chapter Asilomar Regional Conference, July 13-14, 1990.

“Making the Vision a Reality: Linking Strategies and Project Management to Take the PMI NCC Where You Want it To Go,” PMI Northern California Chapter, September 26, 1990.

“Project Management Training in Developing Countries,” PMI Southern California Chapter, November 12, 1989

“Applying Project Management Practices in a Multi-Project Matrix Organization”, PMI Southern California Chapter, September 13, 1989.

PROJEXPO ’92, San Jose, CA

“Re-Tooling the Project-Driven Organization”, Keynote Paper “Project Interface Management”

International Project Management Association (IPMA)

World Congress Keynote Speaker:

Florence, Italy – 1992: “Experiences Using Next Generation Management Practices — The Future Has Already Begun!” (with Steen Lichtenberg)

Garmisch, W. Germany 1979: “In Search of New Frontiers in Project Management”

Birmingham, England 1976: “Adaptation of Project Management by Developing Countries”

Stockholm, Sweden 1972: “Management Information Systems for Projects and for Organizations: A Comparative Overview”

Other papers presented:

Moscow 2003 (see Author: Recent Papers)

Florence1992: “Managing Commitments on Cross-Cultural Projects” (with Gerard L. Rossy)

Vienna 1990: “Overcoming Cultural Barriers To Effective Management By Projects”

1990: 14th International Expert Seminar, March 15-17 1990, IPMA (then the  INTERNET International Project Management Association.)
Keynote Paper: “The Job of Project Manager: A Career or Stepping Stone?”
Seminar Team Report: “Project Managers and Their Teams: Selection, Education, Careers,” with A. B. Harpham.

Glasgow 1988: “Project Interface Management – A Key To More Effective Project Management”

“A Comprehensive Training Program for Project Management” (with Sandro Miscia)

“Managing Project Commitment” (with G. L. Rossy)

1977: “Technology Transfer In CrossBoundary Projects”

1973: “Network-Based Management Systems for Operations Control”, IPMA Expert Seminars, Ruschlikon, Switzerland: